About FIS Cross Country

ski phone - About FIS Cross CountryWinter has often been attributed to life slowing down. People like to stay indoors and enjoy warmer temperatures and maybe a mug of hot chocolate. Well, we’re in the opposite spectrum of things. We firmly enjoy winter and think that this is a whole new season wherein sports can be conducted.

Specifically, sports that we can all place bets on!

Welcome to FIS Cross Country! We are a publication that aims to explore and dissect the world of winter sports and sports betting. We think that sports-betting is something that is both highly entertaining and incredibly lucrative. The trick is to making the right decisions and having the knowledge to spot what would make a sound bet.

This is exactly what our publication aims to arm you with. Our writers all carry a love for betting—same as you. We make use of our experiences to give you tips and anecdotes that can help to enhance you present and future sports betting experiences.

We hope to enjoy your support as we continue to publish articles. If you happen to have any topic requests, you can always reach us through our contact page. We certainly hope to hear from you soon!