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Hello and welcome! You’re tuning in with FIS Cross Country. We are a publication that aims to discuss and explore the realm of sports betting. Specifically, we are going to be focusing on the sphere of winter sports. This is a topic which has a wide range of topics to talk about and elaborate upon. There are so many different angles that can yield further knowledge.

As there is so much to discuss, this is something that we will need a bit of help on. That said we are making the announcement that FIS Cross Country is opening our site for article contributors!  Here are a few requirements that we have about article submissions:

Centered on Winter Sports Betting

This is our core topic and therefore should be the soul of all articles that come through this publication. We would highly appreciate articles that feature details regarding winter sports and the sorts of gambling options that are open for viewers.

Well-researched Information

It is our goal to promote further understanding and elevate betting and gambling experiences. We would highly appreciate articles that enable our readers to grow from the information that you provide.

If you are interested in being a contributor for our publication, give us a call at 970-856-4962.