When it comes to the discussion of sports betting, it is often a basic course of action to determine whether it is fully legal in the location where you aim to practice it. In this particular case, we aim to explore if sports betting is legal in the USA.


In as early at 1992, it was generally illegal for any sort of sports betting to be allowed. This was due to the Act that was passed. It is interesting to note, however, that the states which already had preexisting sports betting processes and establishments were considered to be exempt fro the Act.

Those states prospered and it got other states to wonder why they were kept in the cold. One such state was New Jersey. In 2012, regardless of the existing federal limitations, they passed a law which allowed and legalized sports betting.


As of 2018, the issue which New Jersey had technically started came to an end. The Supreme Court of the USA had ruled that the laws which banned New Jersey from sports betting pretty much violated their rights and now sports betting is fully legalized there.

The aftermath of that was pretty remarkable. More and more states are now drafting their own bills to legalize sports betting in their own areas. It would smart if you were to check where your state stands on this issue.

If It Is Legal…

You have a lot of great things awaiting you! Now you can fully explore which winter sports you like best and which ones would make that most sense to place bets upon. This is particularly important for states which experience winter the longest like Alaska, Colorado, and even some parts of California.

Is sports betting now legal in your state? Which winter sport would you most place bets on?

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